Monday, 28 December 2009

Raising genius babies

Young Daddy bought A and E the boxset of Baby Einstein DVDs for Christmas and we sat them down in front of Baby Santa on Boxing Day and Baby Beetoven yesterday. The loved it and sat through pretty much the whole thing. I always said that my children wouldn't be sat in front of the TV, but all those preconceptions have gone out of the window now we actually have babies. Now, anything that keeps them quiet is a welcome addition to the Young household! I will obviously be careful not to let them watch it too much, but it'll be really handy if it keeps them occupied long enough for me to do a couple of chores round the house.


  1. We got our little one a set of them too (well we had to get Grandad to bring them back from the States as we couldn't find them here). They have one that teaches them sign language and Noelie is fascinated and you can even see her hands going (maybe I'm just imagining it though lol). She is fascinated by it all too. I used to say the same thing about no telly but it can't do them any harm can it? X X

  2. Hi FM! I'll have to give the sign language one a go - we're on Baby Macdonald at the moment. I've found them invaluable for distracting one twin while I'm feeding the other. It's got to be better than them screaming non-stop until it's their turn. x


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