Thursday, 24 June 2010

The funny thing is...

Eek, I've been nominated as Best Funny Mummy for the Gurgle Blog awards! Now I really don't think of myself as funny, and now I feel under pressure to make you chuckle. You can't normally shut me up but I am definitely stuck for words! There are some fantastic blogs on the Gurgle shortlist so head over and check them out. I promise you, they're all a lot funnier than mine..

As I can't come up with any funny words right now, I thought I'd do what I'm best at and share some funny baby pictures with you, snapped on my Blackberry over the last nine and half months....

Two mischief-makers

Mr A doesn't much like the smell of Miss E's nappy

Plotting mummy's demise

The latest It bag

No-one gets in Miss E's way

Mr A practises for sleeping soldiers

The Great Sock Thief and Santa's rudeboy

Miss E's monobrow
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