Friday, 18 June 2010

Nine and a half months

I've been a bit slack and missed my monthly round-up when the babies turned nine months the other week. So here it is, better late than never....

Mr A loves his face being tickled, or being tickled under his chin. He loves being carried up or down the stairs and thinks it's hilarious. He likes to blow raspberries on the floor. He has six teeth now - three on the bottom and three on the top. He splashes like a madman in the bath. He loves to bite my finger, but it hurts now that he has teeth. He loves his door bouncer - throwing himself around regardless of how many times his head hits the doorframe. He always wants to stand and likes me to walk with him. He is crawling, commando style. It takes quite some effort but he can travel across the room. He likes to touch our tongues and gets a fit of giggles if you waggle your tongue at him. He chatters and screeches and blows violent raspberries. He doesn't like being made to wait for his food. He doesn't like the sound of the tap running. He hates the noise of the hand blender.

Miss E is a proficient crawler, whizzing around rooms, sandpits and parks. She loves to pull herself up to standing whenever possible and stands at the stairgate waiting for me. She greets me with a huge beaming smile in the mornings, and stands up in her cot to say hello. She can feed herself with a spoon if you hand it to her. She has six teeth, two on the bottom and four up top. She likes to make a clicking noise, and thinks it's brilliant if you echo her. She loves to chase the cats, but rarely catches them. She loves me blowing on her face. She likes to offer me a bite of whatever she's eating. She is trying to wave and clap her hands. She loves cuddles. After her bedtime bottle she will snuggle into my shoulder and fall asleep. She loves to see herself in the mirror. She hates her nose being wiped and any clothes being pulled over her head.
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