Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Messy Play by Huggies Wipes Challenge

I think that I'm too late to enter the Huggies Messy Play Challenge (the closing date is today - oops!), but I didn't want to miss the chance to share the pictures of Miss E and Mr A getting messy.

I took the plunge and got out the finger paints for Fathers' Day, so we could create some original artwork for Young Daddy. I was kind of prepared for the babies to get mucky, but didn't forsee the extent of the mess, and they were none-too-pleased to be cleaned up afterwards! But I did get some great shots of them 'creating'....

Here were the rules of the challenge (as laid out by Huggies):.

1. The messier your baby is in the photo the better. (The challenge is cleaning up!)
2. Post the photo to your blog with The Messy Play by Huggies Wipes challenge. (It can be an old photo or a previous post).
3. Send a link of your blog post featuring your Messy Play photo to @Huggies_UK on Twitter or to participate.
4. Check out to see all the blogger submissions and links to their blogs. Submissions will also be shouted out by @Huggies_UK on Twitter.
5. The top 3 messiest entries will receive Huggies® gift packs of Huggies merchandise.

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