Tuesday, 6 July 2010

What Cybermummy spelt for me

C Crazy, Costumes, Caffeine, CSS, Cameras, Comments

Y Yum cakes, You, Yelling

B Belly-laughs, Buffet, Buzz, Breakfast [Thanks Huggies!], Book-deals, Breastpads, Bloggers, Best-mates

E Emotional, Emails, Energy, Exhaustion, Edit

R Retweet, Ranking, Relationships, Record, Rendezvous, Reply, Remarkable

M Moving, Me-time, Moo-cards, Monetise

U UberTwitter, Uncharted, Unity, Upload, URL, USB, USP

M Multimedia, Mint Tea, Momentous, Mad

M Manic, Merry, Mayhem, Mingle

Y Yearly, hopefully. Bring on 2011!

Thanks again to the fantastic Huggies team for their sponsorship, smiles and support, and congratulations and thanks to the Cybermummy team for putting on such an incredible day.
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