Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A wonderful week

We're home today, after a lovely week oop north with the in-laws. Having extra pairs of hands around to help out with the babies, has been, in short, incredible. It's made me realise what a difference having people around to help can make. My parents live locally, but they both work full-time and have diaries so packed they rival the most dedicated socialites so we don't see as much of them as we (and they) would like.

Highlights of the week include:

* Seeing Mr A and Miss E develop a close bond with their grandparents. It has been so lovely to watch these friendships form, and makes me really sad that it will be a while before they see each other again.

* Learning some basic baby signing. Granny Jill suggested buying a book, so we've integrated a few basic signs into the days. The babies have really responded, and we think we've started to recognise some of their sounds for particular words ('cat' is a real favourite). Will write another post about this in due course.

* Having dinner out with my husband. Staying at the in-laws meant there were readily-available babysitters onhand, so that we could head out to the gastro pub in the village. I didn't get drunk at all. I promise. *ahem*

* A lovely afternoon at the seaside, strolling along the beach, eating fish and chips and icecreams and meeting up with a fab Twitter friend and her gorgeous twin girls.

* Our first night away as a couple since Mr A and Miss E arrived on the scene. We went to a wedding on Saturday, and left the babies with their beloved grandparents for the whole day AND NIGHT. We did miss them, but loved waking up in the morning at our leisure and enjoying a lazy cooked breakfast.

There was only one real negative about the week and that is that Mr A has taken to waking up early. Very, very early. I think the latest we've got up for the last ten days is 5.50am. I'm hoping this is down to teething (a new top tooth has made its appearance today), and not just that he's going to be a permanent early riser. I feel particularly sorry for Miss E, who gets woken up each and every morning by her brother when she quite obviously wants to remain asleep.

I shed a tear (ok, quite a few tears) this morning as we said goodbye and headed off on the long car journey home. And now it's back to reality with a thud as I contemplate a to-do list that has been steadily growing over the last few months instead of ever getting any shorter.
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