Monday, 10 May 2010

Eight months and we're on the move

Apologies for being a blogger gone AWOL, but I was suffering with a poorly tummy last week and felt too sorry for myself to blog. Now I've dragged myself out of my hole of self-pity, given myself a talking to about neglecting my blogging duties and am reporting back for duty.

Being sick unfortunately coincided with Young Daddy's first night away (on a work course). I know I've been incredibly lucky, considering the babies turned eight months last week, to have lasted so long without having to do a solo night, and to be honest I had actually been looking forward to the challenge and a night in on my own. I survived to tell the tale, though it was touch-and-go for Mr A after I managed to drop him on his head. He had an egg-sized lump and an incredibly impressive bruise (I'm too ashamed to post a picture), but I'm pleased to say that he was fine. Phew.

It's really hard work taking care of two babies totally on your own, and has renewed my huge respect for single parents, especially those with twins. I take my hat off to you.

Mr A and Miss E's eight month highlights are listed above, the most notable of which are Mr A cutting three teeth, and Miss E's new mobility. She is one determined little lady, and applied her total focus to getting on the move this month. She perfected crawling backwards before she mastered forwards motion and there's no stopping her now. Of course, in typical Miss E fashion, she's now bored and now wants to walk. Knowing her it won't be long!
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