Friday, 14 May 2010

Preparation, preparation, preparation

I'm a big addict fan of lists, which is a good thing, because you should check out this mother-of-all-lists, written to help me remember everything we need to pack for our holiday. Young Daddy turned rather pale when he realised it totalled four full A4 sides...

All four of us are off tomorrow to Sardinia for a week (ash cloud permitting), booked in a moment of pure madness many months ago. If any potential burglars are reading - my lovely friend Katie is housesitting for us, so please don't pay her a surprise visit. I do hope we have nice weather while we're away because the clothing I am taking for myself has been seriously limited in a desperate attempt to keep under Easyjet's stingy (free) baggage allowance.

I blogged about my holiday doubts a couple of weeks ago, and got some great tips and suggestions from you, a lot of which I shall be testing out over the next week. I shall report back when I return and shall hopefully be able to pass on a few gems of my own.

If you have tagged me in a meme (recently or a few centuries ago), I haven't forgotten, I promise! They will be top of my blogging to-do list when I'm home.
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