Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The final countdown

After you're done mulling over who gets your vote in tomorrow's General Election (please read this post at Battling On about why you shouldn't waste your vote), there's another important vote that needs to be cast.


I'm delighted (and quite taken by surprise) to find that Young & Younger has been shortlisted for Best MAD Baby Blogger (sponsored by TinyTalk) in the MAD Blog Awards (sponsored by Butlins). Thank you so much to all you lovely, lovely, lovely (did I mention you're all rather lovely?) people that nominated me, and a big hello *waves* to any of you visiting my blog for the first time. Now I just need a minute more of your time to vote for me here please!

I'm up against some amazing baby bloggers, and there are some fantastic blogs shortlisted for the other categories so grab a cuppa and sit down and have a browse. I guarantee there's some fantastic reading there. Here are a list of the baby blogger finalists so pop by and check them out.

Muddling Along Mummy
Mellow Mummy
New Mummy

And if you're having problems deciding who to vote for, here are my compelling electoral promises:

1. Many, many, more cute baby pictures and tales to be delivered on a regular basis.

2. A warts-and-all vlog from the rumoured flashy awards ceremony (complete with swaying camera-work).

3. A chocolate brownie for every voter*.

* to be delivered next time we meet up. Young & Younger cannot be held responsible for the quality of said brownie.

And a massive thankyou and well done to the MAD organisers. The positivity and excitement the MADs have generated has been great fun, and hugely enjoyable to be a part of.
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