Monday, 3 May 2010

Holiday wobbles (and that's not just my thighs)

It's now less than two weeks until we jet off to Sardinia for a week, and Young Daddy and I have just had a major wobble about it all. Questions such as, 'are we mad?', 'will we actually be able to relax when we get there?', and 'will we even survive the flight?' have all been heatedly discussed. After totting up how much money we would lose if we cancelled it, and me realising how disappointed I'd be, we're trying to get ourselves organised so that we can feel less anxious about the whole thing. You know me, I love a good list, so with pen and paper in-hand I'm tackling the challenge head-on.

We're travelling independently, so there's no package deal or travel rep to cushion us once we're there. We fly courtesy of Easyjet, have booked a hire car to get us to our destination, and are staying in a two-bed apartment mobile home that should come with two travel cots (note to self: must check they will have a second travel cot).

We are in desperate need of your help and advice! What (inexpensive) travel essentials must we pack? What can't-live-without tips can you offer us about travelling with babies? Are we mad? Will we survive, or will this be so stressful I may never go on holiday again?

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