Friday, 19 March 2010

Drum roll please.. The Arrival of The Slanket

My prize (a stylish *ahem* Slanket) for winning the first Just Vlog It challenge (the blogging brainchild of Heather at Notes from Lapland and Karin at Cafe Bebe) arrived for me this morning, and in the spirit of vlogging, I thought it best I do a vlog to mark the occasion.

Some notes:
- Yes, the camera is too far away from me according to Karin's vlogging tips, but I wanted you to have the full glory of the full-length Slanket shot.
- And yes, I have forgotten to remove the tag from my new jeggings, which also arrived this morning. All I can say is thank goodness I did this vlog, so I could see it and remove it before I left the house.
- You can also glimpse some balloons that are still up from Young Daddy's birthday yesterday. It's probably time I took those down...

The Slanket may well be making more appearances on Young & Younger in the future, as I think it may have inspired a vlogging series - '101 uses for a Slanket'. So please get in touch with your Slanketeering suggestions and stay tuned!

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