Sunday, 7 March 2010

JUST VLOG IT! Young & Younger does Big Brother...

In my first vlog, I appeared in front of the camera. Mr A and Miss E were itching for their five minutes of fame so I gave into their demands this time, and let them taking the starring roles.

We had a lot of fun this weekend creating this vlog for Karin at Cafe Bebe, and Heather at Notes from Lapland's JUST VLOG IT challenge. Blogging is usually quite a solitary activity, so it was great that Young Daddy could get involved in vlogging with me. We got a bit carried away with the video editing programme (Pinnacle Studio) we found online, but are quite proud of our virgin-editing skills in the end.

This month's JUST VLOG IT challenge's theme is 'Teach Us Something!'. I'm not sure how much you'll learn from our entry, but we hope it might make you giggle, just a little bit....

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