Saturday 27 February 2010

My first vlog - a video tour

So here it is, I have braved my first vlog. After I got the initial vanity issues resolved (tie bad hair back, give up on idea of putting in contact lenses etc), and worked out how to use the video option on the digital camera I was away! It's a fair first attempt, but plenty of room for improvement I reckon. I know I say the same thing over and over again, and it's not the most riveting of video topics but I felt better getting started on something that was straightforward and involved no editing. It was definitely not as painful as I thought it might be, and Miss E and Mr A have been begging me to make an appearance, so I'm pretty sure some more vlogs will be showing up here soon....


  1. What a beautiful room! Loved the video, it's brilliant putting proper names to faces :) I love the literary theme of the nursery and might have to pinch that tea towel artwork idea...

  2. OK this is going to sound weird but we're like voice twins!!! I started playing this video and my husband thought it was me!! How weird is that????? Even I can hear we have the same voice.

    I feel like Joey when he finds his hand twin! eeeeeek. I might have to Vlog to prove I'm not insane.

  3. Fabulouso Mummy! Love it and absolutely LOVE the nursery. The Penguin Books theme is fantastic! Well done you on your first look and sound great!

    :) Karin

  4. What a gorgeous room! and how neat and tidy. Makes my house look like a dump, lol. Love those penguin teatowel pictures! what a clever idea1

  5. Absolutely love the tea-towel art...what a brill idea!

  6. Don't know what you were worried about - you look fab!

  7. Lovely room. Great idea with the tea towels! x

  8. I really love the nursery, it's beautiful and stylish. Great vlog - I think you're very brave!

  9. Thanks Alice - it does make you feel like you know the blogger better seeing their face, doesn't it?

    George's Mum - so funny! You definitely must do a vlog so I can listen to your voice...

    karin - I can see that vlogging may become addictive. I've got loads of ideas for more vlogs!

    Heather - LOL you should have seen the landing outside the room - a mountain of mess cleared out for filming

    muummmmeeeee..... - I have to say I was quite proud of my tea-towel art, and plan to make more for around the house as there are some fab tea-towel designs around

    Kat - thank you very much x

    Sandy - The tea-towel idea seems to be popular. I shall have to share more little projects...

    solveig - it was a bit nervewracking. Now you'll recognise me if we see each other out and about! x

  10. You are a technical blogging genius - well done!

    I also want George's Mum to vlog as want to see if you really are voice twins.

    Lovely room - We also have the same mobile and Mini Mck loves the horse - it must be the most grabable.

  11. Fab vlog, and a lovely nursery! Tilly and Jas will be moving in to there own room next weekend and I'm quite excited.

    Hope the weaning went well the weekend :)

  12. Gorgeous nursery! Love it. Amber xx

  13. You are very brave doing a vlog! I loved the CD mobile, so simple and yet really effective.

  14. Great 'vlog'- very much a natural! Very quirky cd mobile!

  15. ML - The horse must have some special attraction. We have a big horse too but he's just sitting on the shelf at the moment.

    RebaMc - the babies (and us!) slept so much better once we moved them into their own room. Good luck! The weaning got off to slow start but it picked up today. Will blog about it soon.

    Amber - thanks! x

    Jude - it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be thanks goodness.

    Natalie - when I made that mobile Young Daddy came home from work and lamented the loss of the CDs and DVDs!

  16. The twins have a beautiful nursery! Oli has the same toy that the twins have on the changing unit , I use his to keep him occupied in the car. The tea towels as posters are such a great idea! :) x


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