Friday, 19 February 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

How quickly has Friday come around again? The weeks seem to be racing by at the moment. It’s been a real mixed bag this week. I’ll get the bad stuff over first so I can end on a high.

The Bad...
I took part in a market research group on Monday night for some (much-needed) cash in hand. This should have been something to add to the ‘good stuff’ list, but sadly the £65 cash (already spent in my head) was swiftly followed by an £80 parking fine picked up while I was being researched. I didn’t notice the ticket til I was halfway home, but my eardrum-piercing scream of rage left me with a sore throat for the next 24 hours.

Woke up on Wednesday morning to the homely aroma of gas in the kitchen, which got a great deal stronger when I opened the cupboard under the hob. Cue an SOS phonecall to Young Daddy (who had left super-early for a meeting). On his instruction I phoned the emergency ‘I can smell gas’ hotline and was directed to immediately turn off the gas at the meter (requiring another call to Young Daddy: ‘What do you mean turn the lever? What lever? Oh, that lever’) and wait in for an emergency engineer to turn up. After a fair amount of swearing (I suspect he thought I was out of earshot), the engineer capped the leak so I still have heat and hot water, but no gas hob. Good thing we haven’t quite started weaning yet, or I’d be a bit stuffed on the puree-making front.

I’m impressed at how hard my local Health Visiting Team work at making Baby Clinic the most difficult and stressful experience possible. They are so short-staffed they have combined the usual twice weekly clinics into one, thus ensuring it is ridiculously busy and the waiting time is huge. I was lucky to have Granny Jill with us (see good points below), so she could share the joy of an hour and a half spent in an overheated waiting room for the reward of ten minutes with the Health Visitor.

The Good….
Granny Jill (Young Daddy’s mum) was with us from Monday until Wednesday and it was great having some company and an extra pair of hands. She hadn’t seen Mr A and Miss E since Christmas so we enjoyed showing off all their new skills, and they performed admirably, giving her lots of smiles and cuddles.

Wednesday was a gloriously sunny day. Miss E, Mr A and I went for an afternoon stroll and it was so warm and pleasant it gave me big happy vibes. It was a little reminder that Spring is on its way and I for one can’t wait.

Mr A surprised us all (including, I suspect, himself) by sleeping through for three nights this week. We didn’t expect it in the least, and the first time he did it I woke with a start at 5am and sent Young Daddy into the nursery to check all was well. At the moment Mr A has managed every other night – what a little star.

I have actually enjoyed spending time with the babies. Now don’t get me wrong, I think they're amazing, but to date, Mr A and Miss E’s waking hours have mostly been hard work (emotionally and physically) with a few highs here and there. But something has changed this week and I am loving their company and have started to look forward to them waking from their naps. They are such funny little characters and regularly have me in stitches. Young Daddy and I are convinced that Mr A is destined to be a comedian (that, or a clown). It’s probably telling that none of the bad points from this week are baby-related for a change….

And the Ugly?
Without question Young Daddy's extreme hairyness. Please oh please get a haircut! And trim that beard. You may think the babies like it, but I most certainly do not!


  1. Get that young daddy to some hair cutting implements and SOON! Tis no good. Hope you manage to sort out the gas and have more good stuff next week. x

  2. can you hold him down and hack at it with the kitchen scissors? might give him the hint. Good luck with the gas.

  3. It makes such a difference when one twin sleeps through. Both mine managed to do it on the same night from 5 months. So you're nearly there. When you get more sleep the whole world seems a better, brighter place.

  4. The beard is trimmed! Hurrah!

    teawithonesugarplease - Miss E has been sleeping through for a while now so we are definitely nearly there.x

  5. Good luck sorting out the gas - sounds like you need some good vibes sent your way, am hoping so

    Silly thing but you know you don't need to see the health visitors, right? I very rarely bother to go anywhere near mine (I weigh the girls on the kitchen scales !)

  6. Thanks MAM. The blooming engineer didn't turn up this morning (no phone call either) so we are still without a hob. Grrrr.

    Because Mr A and Miss E lost so much weight in their first few days I have always had a bit of a crazy anxiety about their weights. I hate seeing the health visitors though, and my friend has some proper baby scales so I think I'll be using those from now on....

  7. Oh no - hope you get the hob back soon

    Ignore my comments please - I just found that whatever I did whenever I went to see the HVs I was doing something wrong and it made me so miserable (too little weight, too much weight, not weaning, weaning too late, working ...) - kitchen scales rock (as does trying to measure their length yourself ! baby wrestling !)


Thanks a lot, I love getting your comments!


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