Thursday, 11 February 2010

Pick me! Pick me! Do I have a favourite twin?

'Do you have a favourite twin?' A friend asked me this recently in the same way as she would have enquired what's my favourite choc out of the Celebrations box (galaxy truffle by the way). It's a really direct question, and one that got me thinking...

Mr A was smaller than Miss E when born (she was 6lb 01oz and he was 4lb 10oz) and I think this immediately made me feel more protective of him as he seemed so much more vulnerable. But then Miss E developed such a strong character from the start (from day one, when she'd had enough to eat she would purse her lips and make a 'stop' sign with her tiny, tiny hand) that it was really easy to engage with her, especially after she started smiling at six weeks. Mr A took a lot (and I mean a lot) longer to get sociable and it's really only been the last three weeks or so that he has really found himself and starting interacting happily with the rest of us. And boy is he making up for lost time with his chatting, giggling and general happiness. Which probably explains why I've got a big soft spot for him at the moment.

I'm guessing this is the way things will go. I think it's natural to have different feelings towards each of them in various phases, and that doesn't mean I love either of them any less.  Maybe it's a bit of a taboo, but there it. is.  


  1. I can't imagine that. I love my two equally but differently but if they both arrived at the same time then how would I feel? And what a funny question to ask? They are both your babies, you love them both of course! They are absolutely adorable in that picture. Hope today's been a bit easier for you.

  2. It is a funny question, but I've actually been asked it a few times. I think it's one of the stock twin questions that pop into people's heads! I love that they are copying each other in this pic. We had a really nice afternoon yesterday and a lovely day today so all's good. x

  3. I read somewhere that you will always love your children equally but which one you like the most will change all the time! I think that could be true.

    Thank you so much for my sunshine award - it's my first ever award!

    S x

  4. Interesting, because I've been thinking about this one a lot too recently - and in answer to It's a Mummy's Life's unwritten question - yes it is different with twins. I don't ask myself do I prefer L to either A or S but I do sometimes wonder about the babies. I think this may be one I have to post on myself...

    Interesting too, as I've been asked all sorts of personal things, but never that one!

    Thank you for the award. Will pass on soon...

  5. solveig - think that sums it up perfectly.

    planb - looking forward to your post ;-)

  6. People seem to think that when you have twins they can ask you any personal question that they fancy! very bizzare. I can really relate to this as I did worry that I would favour one twin more than the other. Miss E was a difficult baby at first and my Mum and dh had her alot as Miss M bf and thus was with me more. I really thought I would love Miss M more as she is very like me and worried. Then Miss E got the reflux medication she needed, went totally on the bottle, lost the jaundice and finally starting to put on weight and became a babe! Now she is my darling poppet and I love them both equally and totally differently. Mich x

  7. Forgot to say, really gorgeous picture. I am so in love with twinnie pics when they are together and interacting. Very special!

  8. I love that picture too, they always look so cute together.
    What a strange question, you may like one more at a particular time but your love is the same all the time. I'm really surprised you've been asked it alot. Surely no-one would ask that if you had 2 children who weren't twins.

  9. What a strange question to ask. They both look adorable together in the picture.

  10. loving the gorgeous piccy they are so cute!


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