Saturday, 6 February 2010

Wardrobe purge!

Today Miss E and Mr A's lovely Auntie Emma came to visit. She hasn't seen the babies since Christmas so it was great to show her how much they've changed.

This afternoon Young Daddy and Auntie Emma have taken Miss E and Mr A out for a walk in the sunshine and I thought I'd grab the opportunity for some baby-free time in the house (a rare gift at the moment). So what did I do with this valuable R&R time? Have a long soak in the bath? Go and get a massage? Finally get past chapter one in that book that I keep starting over and over again? Do some more of my much-neglected tapestry? Nope, I decided to have a wardrobe clear-out...

I went up into the loft to get my suitcases of pre-pregnancy clothes down (smashing my head on the heavy wooden ladder in the process - ouch, ouch, ouch). Some clothes I have treated with cheerful (deluded?) optimism. No, they may not fit at the moment but I'm sure they will in a couple of months' time. Then there were the items that required a serious reality check. I'm talking about things that didn't even fit me pre-pregnancy... those items that you've had since you were at university that you're sure one day, you will magically slip into again. With my wardrobe space limited, and every cupboard, drawer and shelf bursting at the seams I've been stern with myself, and there is now an impressive pile of clothes to be delivered to the nearest charity shop.

It might seem like a dull way to spend my precious free time, but it's these kind of jobs that just can't get done when there are two tiny babies around. I was chatting to a good friend of mine whose little boy is about to go to nursery full-time, and she had to admit that what she was most looking forward to was having time to get mundane tasks done. She's got a list and can't wait to start ticking things off. I'm with her - I've loved pottering this afternoon. Wonder if this could be a weekly occurance? Young Daddy.....?


  1. there is nothing more satisfying than clearing out and creating space...something I am very good at praising but rubbish at doing...I desperately need a clear out!

  2. Ooh you've inspired me. That's tomorrows job x

  3. It's a great idea, and you WILL fit into those clothes again. Definately a good idea for a regular thing, keep on top on it then it doesn't end up like my house!

  4. I love having a purge! I really throwing a whole stash of clothes away that really were never going to fit me...even shoes (very distressing!) as my feet went up a whole shoe size with baby 1 and never recovered!! Also its a great excuse to go and buy replacements with a clear conscience!

  5. I will have to do it too. Hat off to you for doing it! X


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