Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The snot monster and I? Not great pals...

The last few days (3.5 to be exact) have been my first experience of Miss E and Mr A being properly poorly. Of course they've had some sniffles before but they were a walk in the park compared to the epic battle we're now waging against a terrifying snot monster who has taken the entire house hostage.

And I can officially report that dealing with two poorly babies is hard, hard work. Sleep for all of us has been hard to come by. Even though Young Daddy and I try to take shifts overnight, I find it impossible to snooze when I can hear one or other of the babies in distress or when they're both up at the same time it's definitely a case of all hands on deck. In desperation we've been napping when (or if) we can get Miss E and Mr A to sleep at the same time, whatever time of day, but unsurpringly I still feel like a walking zombie (with my own sniffles and cough).

Yesterday we armed ourselves with more supplies - Young Daddy came home with a sackful of goodies (!) from the chemist including Calpol, Calprofen, Karvol vaporiser and Olbas oil for children. Oh and some paracetamol and tissues for me, though I may need to send him back for some cough medicine (though I bet that's something else I can't have while breastfeeding)!

What I've discovered is that looking after a baby who's ill makes you feel overwhelmingly helpless. Miss E, with her red-rimmed eyes with dark circles underneath, white face, streaming eyes and nose just stares at me as if to say, 'please help me' and I feel so sorry for her. And for Mr A, when he's beside himself because he's so tired but unable to sleep. Then I force Calpol down them (which they hate - cue dramatic gagging and choking sounds) and I feel guilty as well as helpless! Let's hope we're over the worst. Please?!


  1. Oh poor you. I really hope they and you will feel better soon. My little one hates Calpol, she will only take Nurofen maybe you can try it? Big hugs

  2. Little Miss P has a dreadful eye infection and a streaming cough and cold...Mr Scruff has broken his wrist and I am still trying shift a three week bout of flu...this time of year sucks!!! Wishing your brood a speedy recovery

  3. They are much better today thank goodness, but I will try Nurofen next time FM.

    Sounds like you're having a rough time MB - hope you're all feeling better soon. x

  4. We've got the dreaded colds here too. Theo especially is bad, not sleeping, coughing, refusing medicine...arrggh. Hope yours feel better soon. S x

  5. Sending you all lots of love and in awe of your patience. Looking forward to seeing you but please just say if anyone is too unwell xx


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