Saturday, 13 February 2010

Time to stop wallowing!

I got a telling off from a friend this week. And I needed it. Big time. I had spent much of the week feeling sorry for myself. The babies were in their second week of stinking colds which meant I was stuck in the house, and a night's sleep was a distant memory. Then I had a morning where Miss E and Mr A just wouldn't stop crying (they were probably just as sick of their colds as I was) and it sent me flying back to those dark, dark weeks when Young Daddy had just gone back to work and I spent most of my non-feeding hours pounding the streets with my monster-truck (double buggy) trying to get the babies to stop crying and sleep. Yet somehow I had reached that point of inertia where you're desperate to get out of the house, but haven't got the energy to actually leave it and go and do something different.

I've also been trying to plan how to celebrate my 30th birthday in March, but the pressure of getting us all ready for a night out seemed too much so I decided to postpone celebrations for a few months until the babies were more settled and able to be left stress-free with their grandparents. My good friend was having none of it. She gave me a good talking to about getting myself out and about (I went on a walk and instantly felt better), and insisted that a birthday celebration is the perfect thing to look forward to. So I've had a re-think and she's dead right. I've removed all the pressure - who cares who comes, who cares if I need to leave early to feed the babies, who cares how drunk I get (it'll make feeding the babies more entertaining)?! At the end of the day, just being out with good friends and the lovely Young Daddy will be fun indeed. And obviously I will need a new outfit, a haircut, a manicure and a pair of shiny new shoes ;-)

And as for my misery? Well it turns out it was PMT. Welcome back stomach cramps and monthly gloom, I wish I could say I'd missed you, but I'd be lying through my teeth!


  1. I know what it feels like. It's quite overwhelming but once you do go out, you actually enjoy it and you come back with a clearer head. As for the time of the month, don't get me started! Big hugs for you. X

  2. Ah that grumpy weepy time of the month - its so much worse after having had kids (twice as bad after having twins) but you go and have that party - let your hair down and get drunk. The babies will get better and your sanity will be restored - just got to turn that corner and it will come. I've been there :-)

  3. I thought I was following your blog but for some reason It wasnt! Silly blogger thing!

    I love how you call the double buggy - monster truck! :D

    Sorry to hear that the twins are still full of cold, I totally understand what you mean about wanting to leave the house but not having the energy, I'm either just too tired after a long night up with Oli or too lazy and would rather stay on twitter/facebook!

    Please go out & celebrate your Birthday! It's your 30th! I suppose come my 30th I'll have a 9 year old - Arggh, The thought of that terrifies me! (and possible a couple more if I get my own way!)

    Oh there's days that I just want to be pregnant again just so I wont have that horrid pain each month & want to beat the stuffing out of the Mr for no reason at all!

    Emma :) x

  4. FM - well I hope my head's not too clear after a night out ;)

    teawithonesugar - I'm going for it. Facebook invite has been written. There's no turning back now...

    Emma - Blooming heck, three kids. Good luck with that! I hate the monster truck with a vengeance as it prevent me from entering most of our local shops. Obviously, this means that Young Daddy loves it x

  5. Aww bless you PMT sucks, evil hormones!!!

    I think your friend and you are right, getting stuck indoors gets increasingly more isolating and just festers misery and inertia! I became a hermit after I had my son, just the lack of sleep and a constantly miserable baby had me fearing stepping out the door when ultimately thats what i really needed to do, thankfully i snapped out of it and got out and about but i wish now i hadn't spent so many weeks stuck inside.


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