Thursday, 4 February 2010

Is 'baby brain' a myth? Not in my world...

According to a new study, 'baby brain' is a myth, the BBC reported yesterday. 'Neither pregnancy nor motherhood addle a woman's brain say the researchers'. I beg to disagree, as I'm sure do most other mummy bloggers out there! I can say without doubt that every friend I have who has a new baby has experienced 'baby brain' and our conversations often go round in circles (I liken my memory to that of a goldfish and apologise now to all my friends to whom I have told the same stories multiple times!).

I haven't put my keys in the freezer (yet), but yesterday I left the kettle on the hob for THREE hours, though I would have sworn on oath I turned the gas off (luckily the kettle was completely full as I was boiling water for bottles so it hadn't boiled dry and burned down the house). I frequently get sayings and words muddled up, and despite being one of the most organised people I know (close friends dub me 'Monica') I have actually had to get Young Daddy to sort out my weekly diary for me as my brain wasn't up to the challenge. I'm always getting the names of the cats and the babies muddled up. A close friend of mine had a heated debate with her husband about what year it was - 2009 or 2010 (she was wrong). And if you're a car thief you'd be advised to follow my friends and I around because I know that hardly any of us ever remember to lock the car doors!

I'm itching to hear some funny tales from Baby Brain land so please share.....


  1. I guess there's time for the keys in the freezer yet! I don't recall baby brain when Amy was born, it's 10 years ago now, but since turning 40 I've noticed a bloody aging brain!

    CJ xx

  2. The story of my life. I don't know where they do their studies but there is such a thing as baby brain. No later than yesterday, I decided to make some soup for Noelie. Forgot all about it until I heard big splutters coming from the kitchen. I had left the soup on for 2 hours. Like you it didn't set the house on fire and I managed to salvage it. But still I have a bad case of Baby Brain. X

  3. Definitely there is a baby brain. There is also something that stops our spatial awareness. It was a regular amusement to me to see the attempts to park the cars of my ante natal yoga contempories!

    I have a tag for you over at mine if you are interested.

  4. I don't think I was too bad when my son was little. In fact I did two computer courses to try and keep my brain working. But I'm with Crystal Jigsaw on the ageing brain. I'm always leaving my straighteners on; when I leave the house I have to turn round to drive back and check (I will have to buy some with automatic cut-off).
    I also struggle with words so that I frequently can't finish a

  5. Baby brain definitely exists if only in the form of sleep deprivation!

    My 'moments' are always to do with keys too: at MIL's I tried to open their front door with the central locking button on my car key. Another time I tried to activate the car's central locking with a dummy!

  6. Something I know very well...

    I've left the house key in the door on many occasions, gone out all day and came back and everything is as we left it... lucky more than anything I would say.

    I never get Dot's name right first time, and very often have to go through plenty of names for Little Man too.

    Fortunately, it does get better, but it never gets back to how it was before. :(

  7. Argh, just replied to everyone's comments and somehow lost what I'd written!

  8. I once left my wallet on the roof of the car, drove off and just happened to stop off at Starbucks on a whim. Thank God, as I discovered the wallet.

    LOL that you lost your reply! That's SO the sort of thing I do, baby brain definately does exist!

  9. I do the cat/baby name mix up all the time as well and as you will see from my blog keys also feature heavily.

    As you say great minds...or should that be not so great minds!

    MDM- Loving the dummy as key story.

  10. I definitely agree with baby brain and dispute the research that has taken place, i think hormones have a lot to answer for and even more so when combined with self deprivation! In my 2nd pregnancy last year I booked 2 weeks off work then forget completely about it and cannot even remember doing it to this day, i turned up for work on the 1st day and they were wondering why i was in then i had a total meltdown when i saw my handwriting on the holiday form and couldn't ever remember putting the dates in....weiiiird!!!


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