Sunday, 28 February 2010

Technological headaches

So I've somehow managed to successfully lurch my way into the vlogosphere with my earlier nursery video tour, but it's been no easy ride. The original video I shot had a file size far too HUGE to upload so I had to get Young Daddy to help me to find a programme to reduce the file size. Then it took Blogger about a million years to upload the file onto my post. Next time (yes, there will be a next time) I shall use Photobucket or YouTube, but I've just got to work out how to do that.

In the last fortnight I've become a bit of a Twitaholic (for a novice guide to Twitter, you can't get better than Battleplan's guide here). I didn't really get Twitter before, but I am now fully immersed in the hot-tub of Twitterland and have been really enjoying it. Enjoying it so much it seems, that I may have formed a small addiction. Today there has been something wrong with Twitter that has meant that I can't take part or see any of the usual banter and I have been left frustrated and at a loss. I can only hope they fix the problem soon, before my Twitter friends forget me *bottom lip starts to quiver*

Then, to fill in the time when I would normally be Tweeting, I decided to upgrade my comments box. I found some easy-to-follow instructions, and was feeling rather like a computer whizz-kid-cum-complete-genius when suddenly my stomach lurched as I realised I had manage to lose every single past comment anyone had ever made on my blog. I shouted, I cursed, and tears threatened, until I worked out that they were not, thank goodness, lost for good and I managed to retrieve them.

So this is my test post. Has my new Disqus comment box appeared? And will it work? Please comment and let me know....
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