Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hey Mr Postman

This is the second month I've taken part in the Secret Post Club, a gift-swapping club organised by the brilliant Heather at Notes from Lapland. I had a knock on the door on Friday, and lo and behold it was my friendly postman with a package for me.

My parcel was from the lovely Dales Lass at Tales from the Dales and contained some wonderful goodies...

Dales Lass had obviously done her homework, and found out I'm a sweetie addict. She managed to pick some of my favourite sweets - strawberry laces and fizzy strawberry laces, which lasted...oh, all of about five minutes!

These gorgeous little wooden pegs, 'handcrafted by German artisans', are for me to use to display Mr A and Miss E's artwork, something I hope they produce in great abundance. Doing crafts with the kids is one of the mummy tasks I'm most looking forward so these are a perfect gift.

And finally this delicate, tiny, wooden mole (also by those clever German artisans). I've named him Morris, and his job is to encourage me to get gardening, because goodness knows my garden needs some love.

Many, many, thanks to Dales Lass for her thoughtful gifts. I love each and every one of them.
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