Friday, 20 November 2009

Another growth spurt? The eternal question..

I've had a nightmare day with Mr A today. He started the day ok, with a half-decent breastfeed and top-up bottle, and then slept until the next feed (we met a friend at Dulwich Park for a walk, tea and cake). But it was all downhill from 10.30am, when A teased me with a textbook 15 minute breastfeed, so that I was feeling all proud and happy. Then he unleashed his full temper and screamed non-stop for an hour, demanding two top-up bottles (60ml each, although he only had 20ml from the second). That didn't seem to make him any happier and I tried everything to get him to stop crying (we're talking full-on, red-faced, eyes closed screeching). Eventually he wore himself out and I put him to bed, where amazingly he did go to sleep.

I assumed he was just tired, but he woke up after his nap in just as bad a mood and wanting more and more milk. Unfortunately, whereas earlier E had been good as gold, giving me time to deal with A, this time she decided she wanted the attention too so she started playing up. Once I was fairly confident they had both had enough food (despite them both still crying), I bundled them into the pushchair and went for a walk with Tuhami Mummy. Young Daddy got back from work in good time, taking pity on me after my dejected phone calls all day, and took them off for another walk as soon as I got home to give me time to recover. But he wasn't out long before he was back with A in his arms, as he couldn't get him to stop crying. At 5.00pm A had 100ml bottle (after rejecting the boob), then at 6.30pm he necked another 150ml. So is this the 12-week growth spurt come a week early, or just a miserable A for a day? We'll probably never know for sure, but I hope tomorrow's better than today.


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