Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Goodbye to feeding woes?

We had a second visit from our trusty breastfeeding counsellor, Sofie, yesterday to chat through the feeding problems I've been having with A and E recently (about ten minutes into the feed they both go ballistic - screaming, scratching and wriggling - and it's really upsetting to see them get so distressed). After having a look at me feeding, she thinks that the problem may be that the babies are happy with the milk flow when they're guzzling the foremilk, but the flow slows down when they reach the hindmilk and this makes them impatient and frustrated. But they both have great feeding techniques and my milk flow is generally really good, so they should be getting a good helping of milk in the ten minutes that they feed well. As soon as they kick off, I will now offer them a top-up bottle of expressed milk (when I have had time to express!) to make sure that they have had their fill.

The other suggestion Sofie had was to try feeding the twins every three and half hours, instead of three hourly. This should mean they will go for it more when feeding, and it also gives me slightly longer for my milk supply to replenish itself. We started doing this today and we've had to use some distraction methods (out walking with the carriers, out in the pushchair etc) but all in all it's been a success. I'm not sure whether Young Daddy and I are feeling so confident about the night feeds though - E can definitely make it longer than three hours but A is a hungry monster so we'll see if he can make it through....


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