Saturday, 14 November 2009

When twin babies become twin toddlers

Got a scary glimpse of life 12 months down the line yesterday when E, A and I spent the afternoon with Cavalli Mummy and Jack (14 months). Jack is so into everything and was on the go the whole time - pulling magazines and books off shelves, climbing into cupboards and dancing on the window sills - all the time with a gorgeous cheeky grin on his face. Imagining how it will be with two toddlers is definitely rather daunting! It also got Young Daddy and I thinking about how un-child-friendly our house is, but I guess we've got a year to try to childproof it.

Last night I did a deal with Young Daddy. In response to his request to be excused for the evening to meet Tuhami Daddy down the pub, I used the 4am feed as a bargaining chip. I absolutely hate the 4am feed - it's so hard to wake myself up, and then I find it difficult to get back to sleep before one of the twins wakes for their morning feed at 7am (or 5.30am, or 6am, or 6.30am!), so I was more than happy to let Young Daddy do it in exchange for him being given an evening off. In fact I was so happy, I'd actually like to do it every Friday!


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