Sunday, 8 November 2009

Weekend with friends

After a digustingly early start on Saturday morning (A decided he didn't really want to go back to sleep after his 4am feed), I have spent the rest of the weekend feeling decidedly tired and grumpy. Unfortunately most of this grumpiness has been directed at Young Daddy, and so consequently he has also been less than chirpy. Sorry Young Daddy!

Despite the grumpiness I have done some really nice socialising. Saturday was a chance to get together with friends from university - one lives in Canada and one up in Burnley so its not often we're all in the same place. I took A and E along with me, and we watched the England v Australia rugby match (my friend's brother was playing - well done Dan!). E was really awake and alert for the whole afternoon, which was lovely, though my arms were seriously aching after walking around with her for hours (she prefers to be held standing up, of course). We have decided she is a rugby fan! A was also a big hit with my friends, who happily passed him around.

Today Young Daddy and I took E and A over to Greenwich Market where we trialed our new method of getting out and about. I had a great tip from a fellow twin mum - the double pushchair is great for long walks etc, but it's often unable to get into shops as the doorways aren't wide enough. So she suggested buying a second-hand single frame (that takes the Maxi Cosi car seat) and using this in combination with a Baby Bjorn. Young Daddy carried A, and I pushed E. I'm so glad we did this, as there was no way we could have got around the market with the double buggy.

This afternoon we met up with a couple of our NCT friends for a late lunch. We tried our hardest not to talk about babies the whole time but I'm not sure how well we succeeded! It's fab finding out how other people do things, and reassuring when people have had similar problems to you. We were all particuarly impressed by McKechan Daddy's feeding technique - he can feed daughter Ella one-handed, leaving his other hand free for texting or a glass of wine. Genius!

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