Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Seeing double

E, A and I went to our first mother and baby group today. Our health visitor posted us details of a local twin club. I would probably never have ventured there on my own, but my new twin mum friend from down the road was keen to give it a go with her four-month-old twin girls, so I went along with her. We were really nervous before going in as we had no idea what to expect but people were very welcoming.

A and E were the youngest twins there - there was one set of five-month-old girls and then the other twins were toddlers. It's nice to see older twins as it gives you a little glimpse into the future, when the twins will play with each other. I think E is starting to be aware of A and she really stares at him sometimes, but it will be great when they start interacting properly.

Amazingly A and E were on their best behaviour and behaved like the little angels I know they can be (sometimes!). A settled himself into a bouncy chair and promptly fell asleep, while E was enthralled, and just gazed round intently. She has become so much more alert and aware over the last few days, so much so that she doesn't seem to want to close her eyes and go to sleep, there is just so much to see!


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