Thursday, 5 November 2009

Unhappy bunnies

This morning, with both E and A screaming rather than having a morning nap, I opted to get out of the house in the hope they'd go to sleep in the pushchair. But as the weather gets colder and nastier, I think I'm going to feel less and less like doing this. So I headed down the road to join the library - something I've been meaning to do since I was on maternity leave! And I was really thrilled to discover a big bank of computers. Hopefully this means that I can walk down here, lulling the babies to sleep on the way, and then catch up with emails, write new posts etc at the library while they nap. All it needs is a cafe and I'd be sorted! Might have to bring a flask with me next time.

E and A had their eight-week vaccinations this morning. The injection itself wasn't too bad, but the babies were not happy bunnies this afternoon, with A perfecting a new decibel level of screaming! E wouldn't settle at all until we put her in this bear suit (I was just curious as to whether it would fit) and she immediately stopped crying and went to sleep. It didn't work so well with A but it definitely calmed him down somewhat. We then loaded them into the pushchair and went to meet Tuhami Mummy and Daddy and JD in the pub. Phew.


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