Saturday, 9 January 2010

All feeling under the weather

The Young household is suffering today. I've got a stinking cold, and now E and A have picked it up too. E has been particulary poorly - she's really congested and is having problems sleeping which means that she gets exhausted. It's really the first time I've seen her look unwell - by the end of the day she was so pale, with dark circles under her eyes and her eyes were red and swollen. Poor little baby.

Mr A hasn't got it quite as bad but he's definitely congested - very heavy breathing! He didn't have a great night last night and was very distressed each time he woke up but he's been much better today thank goodness.

I'm just relieved that we're all ill on a weekend so Young Daddy's here to help. I've been feeling rubbish so it's great to have someone to take the weight off my shoulders. Gold star to Young Daddy. xx


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