Thursday, 21 January 2010

Fighting groundhog day

Now I'm starting to get into the swing of this baby lark (well, for the time being anyway), and we have some semblance of a routine in place I'm finding each day a bit like groundhog day. I'm reading the babies the same books, playing with the same toys, singing the same songs. I need to mix it up a bit, so today I got out one of my Christmas presents from Young Daddy - '50 Things To Do With Your Baby: 0-6 months' by Usborne books.

There are fifty cards, each with an activity idea and I really recommend them to new mums. Some stuff is pretty obvious (sing a song, talk to your baby etc), but I've pulled out five or six cards that have given me new ideas. Today became Shiny Things Thursday. Both babies, especially Mr A, have a definite magpie eye for shiny objects, so I made a mobile out of a coat hanger and some blank CDs (although in true Young Mummy style I didn't use any old coat hanger, but a crystal hanger from Plumo!). They loved it, and it was a great distraction when they were starting to get a bit grizzly on their playmat. Later, when Young Daddy got home, we turned the lights out in the nursery and shone a torch onto the mobile, creating a sort of glitter-ball effect and Miss E and Mr A were captivated.


  1. I feel like it is groundhog days sometimes. But yet when we were stuck in the 'Big Freeze', I was longing for things to be back to their normal routine again. Strange eh? X

  2. Very cool mobile idea...I fear I'm going to have to get a bit more crafty once my little lady is on the scene. I know my mom used to do all sorts of artsy things for and with me from before I knew what was what, and because of that some of my earliest memories are of homemade creations like recording my little hand print in paint. It's good to think of fresh ideas to stimulate the little ones, and to keep us entertained!

  3. What's that old chestnut about turning into your mother?! Loving your blog and gorgeous pics on Facebook (do E's clothes come in adult sizes?)
    Miss you! Bethan xxx


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