Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Focus on tummy time

My mum has reminded me of the importance of getting the twins to spend time on their tummies. I have to admit to being a bit lazy in this area - E and A aren't keen on the mat fullstop, let alone lying on their front and it's so much easier (for me if I'm honest) to have them in their bouncy chairs. The last week though I've been making sure to get them on the mat everyday and they're slowly getting used to it. I'm really keen to encourage them to entertain themselves for short periods, rather than constantly needed me to shake rattles etc for them. I've got activity arches for the bouncers, but I think the activity gym is much better, and Miss E is already kicking rattles and reaching up to grab toys.

Tummy time is important for babies' development:
"Research shows babies placed on their backs to sleep who were then placed on their front for extra time during the day were able to roll, crawl, sit, pull to stand and eventually walk earlier than those who were mainly placed on their backs," (source - BBC website).
I read somewhere that rolling up towels or blankets to put under the baby's chest when lying on their front helps them get used to being on their tummies so I've been doing this with E and A and it seems to be working. They're still only happy to be there for a couple of minutes, but this is a couple of minutes more than they would do a few weeks ago.

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  1. Your twinnies look divine, it takes me back a couple of years ago. Just found your blog via BMB, check mine out I am another twin mum! I will keep on reading, enjoy those beautiful babes. My friend has an excellent twin blog which might interest you, it charts her girls growth form babes and all the challenges twin mummydom brings -
    Mich x


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