Thursday, 21 January 2010

Thinking hard for a song and a story...

I have to admit I was a bit daunted when I was tagged by Carrot In Mum's Hair in the songs and stories meme. Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled to be tagged for the first time, and I love music, it's just that I don't really have one of those brains you need to remember songs. I need to keep notes about everything, my memory is so atrocious. It's like having to choose the first dance at your wedding all over again (Beautiful Freak by the Eels if you're wondering) and I found that one of the most stressful aspects of getting married!

After some hard thinking and a little bit of prompting from Young Daddy ('wasn't there some song you used to listen to in the car with your dad all the time?') I got there in the end and the song I've picked is Carly Simon's 'You're So Vain'.

I grew up in Croydon (you can take the girl out of Croydon, but you can't take Croydon out the girl), and have to admit to going out on the town from an early age (well wouldn't you, with all that Croydon has to offer right there on your doorstep?!). Luckily my best friend Jo and I both had pretty understanding parents, who were happy for us to frequent various dodgy pubs and clubs in the Croydon area, as long as they knew where we were and could pick us up at the end of the night. Jo's dad would always be playing the Carly Simon album in his car, and I have dozens of memories of singing the song at the tops of our voices, whilst also trying to appear completely sober/talk without slurring/try not to be sick out of the window (and often failing at all the above. OMG I've just realised that my cute babies are going to turn into teenagers. Eek.). Not that long ago Jo and I were singing also singing 'You're So Vain'on a karaoke night (again at the tops of our voices) at a particularly cocky holiday rep in Gran Canaria where we were living it up before I headed down the aisle,so it's definitely an anthem of ours.

Other contenders included:
  • Radiohead 'Creep' - my first boyfriend dumped me in his own special way by leaving this song to play on my stereo and then never speaking to me again. I was 14!
  • Jet 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl' - the song playing on the radio in theatre when Miss E was delivered by c-section. I can't remember what was playing when Mr A appeared shortly after. Oops.
  • Manic Street Preachers 'Yes' - crowdsurfing for the first (and last!) time at the London Astoria. I was wearing a dress (with doctor martins of course) and security thought it would be funny to hang me upside down by one leg so the whole front row got a good eyeful of my pants.
  • Nat King Cole - 'Let There Be Love' - played as a surprise by my amazing and very talented mate Heather Hoyle on the sax while we signed the register at our wedding, and the only song that would keep Mr A from screaming for about a month.
  • Underworld 'Born Slippy' - because it's pretty much all I can remember from a raucous girls holiday to newquay in 1996 (besides stalking fit surfers and not wearing shoes, even for clubbing, for the whole week)






  1. I started this meme and I'm loving seeing where it has got to! You're so vain is a GREAT song, really fab. You can only sing it at the top of your voice. There is no other way. Thanks for taking on the meme, I'm chuffed to bit that it was mine that broke your meme duck.

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  3. BiB - I've just read your opening meme and it made me chuckle. M dad is also a calor gas stove addict and your post brings back many a memory of freezing and wet camping holidays! A great meme - well done for getting it started!


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