Tuesday, 19 January 2010

My Object Meme

I'm a meme virgin (for novices like me, a meme is when another blogger invites you to write a post based on one of theirs). The Dotterel (Bringing Up Charlie)'s meme got me all inspired this morning so I've gatecrashed his meme.. In fact, I was thinking about it so hard in the shower this morning that I couldn't remember if I'd conditioned my hair or not, so I did it again just in case (nothing wrong with twice-conditioned hair after all).

Anyways, back to the meme. The idea is to pick an object that tells the story of me or my family in some way. So here it is - it's the scan I had at five weeks when we discovered we were expecting twins.

The news came as a complete surprise (we were actually prepared for the scan to show I was no longer pregnant). I carried this scan around with me for the next 32 weeks until Mr A and Miss E arrived so it's been well-thumbed and has even travelled to New Zealand and back. The best thing about it was that when we started telling people we were expecting, it was great to pass them this scan and see their reaction as they registered the 'Twin A', 'Twin B' labels. I loved hearing, "Oh my god! Twins!"


  1. Fantastic post YM, and what an object! What a story! Congratulations on completing your first-ever meme... delighted to have been of service!

  2. What a wonderful story. I can imagine how precious this 'object' was/is :)

  3. ohhh I have been tagged - how exciting. Thank When I am home later I will try and do you justice. Mich x

  4. As a Mummy of twin girls I absolutely 'share' all the emotion and sentiment of this fantastic post and in the future how amazing will it be to re-tell this story to your lovely twins!! Careyannie xx

  5. Thank you for explaining what a 'meme' is - I was starting to feel a bit of a dunce! I have only just got around to getting the hang of lol, wtf and omg, so meme is a welcome addition. Lovely post x

  6. Currently pregnant with my first "the power of the scan" strikes a chord close to home right now...how wondeful for you that this scan confirmed for you two bundles of joy that I'm sure have impacted your life loads.

  7. What a great object. The scans show so little at 5 weeks but they show twins. You must have been stunned! Great to just show people without any prior warning as well.
    Oooh- mu first tag, very excited, now if my boy will get over his cold I might get to respond.

  8. B2B - scans are so exciting aren't they? I was lucky that I got to have loads of scans because I was expecting twins and I loved having them all.

    ML - hope the little one gets better soon.


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