Thursday, 21 January 2010

Looks like a baby, farts like a man!

A post from It's A Mummy's Life made me giggle the other day, especially as Mr A has been demonstrating (loudly) that he is definitely his father's child! His farts are sometimes so loud that, when he's sat with Young Daddy, it's hard to work out which one of them is the culprit. And they're smelly. I'm not sure if this is down to the fact that he's formula-fed (Miss E's breastfed farts don't smell half as bad) or whether it's just because he's a boy! Oh he's going to thank me for this post when he's older....


  1. Ha ha ha! Noelie is the same! Definitely her father's daughter too! And I thought it only happened in my house! X

  2. Oh, and I have tagged you for the 'My 10 Favourite things' meme. Enjoy!

  3. Ha ha! Little Miss P is a belger. She's stunned rooms into silence with her efforts. I don't know where she has got that from!!!!!

  4. Reminds me of the time K let rip in Debenhams - I'm sure people thought it was me!

  5. FM - Glad I'm not the only one and thanks for the tag.

    MDM - When we were in hospital the cleaner was in my room and Mr A let out a beauty and the cleaner gave me such an evil eye because she thought it was me!

    MB - how nice that Little Miss P has developed skills all of her own ;-)


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